What can cloudentries do for you?

The site has been designed to integrate into your existing web site, or can be directly accessed by logging into cloudentries.com.au The Cloudentries Hub offers free-to-use utilities that run in a “cloud” allowing you to access your data anywhere, anytime. Your data is protected with the latest innovations and technologies eliminating the need for backups or messy paperwork.

Manage affiliated bodies organizational data in a central hub

We offer solutions at all levels
  • National Sporting bodies
  • State Sporting bodies
  • Regional Sporting bodies
  • Recreational bodies
  • Online Registration and Payment system
    All information collection, payments and reporting only a click away
  • Reduce paperwork
  • No need to handle cash – pay member and entry fees online
  • Event/Competition Management

    Running competitions/events a breeze
  • Create Events
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Generate Draws
  • Manage entrant lists
  • Manage discipline regulations
  • Collect competitor information
  • Enforce Memberships
  • Attach custom entry form text
  • Attach Indemnity forms
  • Horse/ motorcycle/car number vehicle data collection
  • Publish results
  • Accept online payment (guaranteed payments)
  • Simplify event entries
  • View event details on the interactive calendar
  • Enter anywhere at anytime
  • Pay with Visa, MasterCard or bank account using PayPal
  • Reduce your administrative cost
  • Drastically reduce paperwork
  • All transactions are recorded and information can be exported
  • Placing your event Free
  • Communicate with Members, event entrants and individuals directly and cost effectively
  • Market your event online – reach your target audience
  • Social media integration
  • Exposure to all users with an interest in your discipline
  • What's the benefits?

    For the user (competitor) of events
  • Registering once
  • store all your details securely
  • access your account online anytime, anywhere
  • Upcoming events viewed on the interactive calendar
  • enter with a simple click
  • make changes to your details and entries anytime before entries close
  • past and future entries are easily accessible for revision
  • personal information is handled securely
  • never shared with any third parties
  • For the Organiser (Event organiser)
  • use the simple free-to-use online utilities
  • Convert all paperwork to e-forms
  • Publish your event to the interactive calendar
  • Targeted communication via email or Bulk SMS to contact member groups, event competitors or individuals
  • Keep real time records of event entries
  • Allow users to see how many spots are available in each class
  • On event closing date, one click generates a printable entrant list.
  • Draws can be generated and uploaded or links can be added to your website.
  • Online Shopping

    Free-to-use shopping platform
  • Sell memberships
  • Event entries
  • Products
  • Club Merchandise
  • ZERO listing fees
  • Free tools include:
  • Shopping carts
  • online shop-fronts
  • Maintain delivery status
  • Generate category trees
  • Create variant templates
  • Create discount templates
  • Real-time monitoring of revenue
  • Exportable sales and stock data