2017 Dressage Festival - Invitational Classes

  • 9/12/2017
  • 27/10/2017 23:59
  • Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre




    • Each class will be limited to the first 20 eligible entries received. There will be a reserve list made up of entries in the order they were received.
      • The EA Dressage Rules and Dressage Tests may be downloaded from the EA web site: http://www.equestrian.org.au/dressage-rules. The tests to be ridden will be Prelim 1.1 and 1.2 and Novice 2.1 and 2.2. 
      • Entrants in the Invitational classes will also be eligible for the best performed OTT Thoroughbred in official competitive classes at the Dressage Festival scored as per EA Rules for Championships and will receive a Championship Rug.








    • Prize Money will be paid to the nominated account on the entry form. Goods in kind must be collected on the day, otherwise it will be forfeited to EV.  Prizes “to the value of” may be cash/vouchers or other product.
    • Prize money is GST inclusive
    • Prize allocation will be reduced by 33% for any classes with less than 15 starters.
    • No championship prize for less than 6 starters


    Class no


    1st Place

    2nd Place

    3rd Place


    Entry Fee


    Invitational Preliminary 1.1







    Invitational Preliminary 1.2







    Invitational Novice 2.1







    Invitational Novice 2.2








    Other charges and fees that apply for this event.

     $2 Dressage Victoria Levy per test (directly supports education of Dressage Judges and Stewards)

     Facility Fee: $16 per day per horse

     Camping: $20.00 powered site, $10 unpowered site per night

    Please note: No stabling is available for this event. Entrants may use yards.



    • No competitor shall withdraw from any competition within 8 hours of its commencement without permission of the OC (as per EA Dressage Rules 8.4)
    • A written statement giving reasons for the withdrawal must be handed to the Secretary of the Event prior to the commencement of the competition. Penalty for non-compliance - maximum fine of $A200
    • Because of reserve lists and possible distances to be travelled by reserve riders, all riders are asked to consider their fellow competitors and notify the Event Secretary as soon as possible of their intention to withdraw
    • During the competition from Thursday 7th December to Sunday 10th December 2017, all competitors who withdraw from a competition must complete a withdrawal form (available from Secretary’s Office) and hand it to the Event Secretary.



    • Two bridle numbers (as per listed competition number in program/draw), and stallion discs for stallions must be worn on each side of the horse (either on bridle or saddle cloth) at all times whenever the horse is out of the stable, whether led or ridden
    • Riders are asked to provide their own bridle numbers



    • Entry fees will be refunded in full for withdrawals before the closing date of entries.
    • Reserve list competitors who are not offered a start in the competition, will receive a full refund
    • Horses balloted out of any class will receive a full refund of entry fees for that class.  If accepted in other classes, stabling and administration fee will not be refunded
    • Entry Fees will NOT be refunded after the closing date of entries and no later than 8 hours before the start of the competition unless an original (not copy or faxed) medical or veterinary certificate is provided to the Event Secretary WITHIN 24 HOURS OF              COMPLETION of the event. 50% of entry fees and the administration fee will be retained by the Organising Committee  



    • Will be carried out in accordance with the current EA/FEI Equine Anti Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations EA National Medication Control Policy and FEI Veterinary Regulations




    • All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. They are therefore strongly advised to take out a third‐party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events at home and abroad, and to keep the policy up to date.  



    • As per Section 2 current EA National Dressage Rules and the current EA Equipment Annex
    • Note:  Whips are not allowed at EA FEI level competitions at State Championships. For EA levels, the whip must not exceed 1.2 m (4ft) in its entirety (Rule 2.6) for horses and not exceed 1 m for ponies.




    The current EA rules for Dressage and Werribee Park NEC Regulations:

    • An approved helmet to be worn whilst training and practice at competition venue—EA Dressage Rule 2.2
    • ALL riders under 18 and all riders of horses/ponies under 7 years old (age at natural birthday) must wear an approved safety helmet in ALL EA competitions (Rule 2.2)
    • Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards outlined below. The EA General Regulations at rule 122.2 prescribe the current standards. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure they are using a current standard safety helmet.

    • Current Australian standard AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI Global marked.

    • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI Global marked.

    • Current American standards ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001.

    • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.

    • Interim European Standard VG1 (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

    • Outgoing European Standard EN/1384 during 2016 only – not permitted from 2017 






    • The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) expects all those involved in international equestrian sport to adhere to the FEI’s Code of Conduct and to acknowledge and accept that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.


    • At all stages during the preparation and training of competition horses, welfare must take precedence over all other demands. This includes good horse management, training methods, farriery and tack, and transportation.


    • Horses and athletes must be fit, competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete. This encompasses medication use, surgical procedures that threaten welfare or safety, pregnancy in mares and the misuse of aids.


    • Events must not prejudice horse welfare. This involves paying careful attention to the competition areas, ground surfaces, weather conditions, stabling, site safety and fitness of the horse for onward travel after the event.


    • Every effort must be made to ensure that horses receive proper attention after they have competed and that they are treated humanely when their competition careers are over. This covers proper veterinary care, competition injuries, euthanasia and retirement.


    The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.






    • Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre Committee of Management considers it a privilege that you are allowed to bring your dog to this venue. We insist you keep your dog under effective control at all times.
    • Approved Safety Helmets must be worn at all times when riding
    • Cross Country obstacles must not be jumped/used unless a non-riding level one coach is present.
    • Riding of horses bareback is prohibited
    • Riding of rugged and/or unbridled horses is prohibited
    • Any person may lead a maximum of two horses while mounted
    • Stallions must have an adult handler in the vicinity at all times
    • Horses are not permitted within/upon the quadrangle (between the barn and Indoor 1)
    • Horses are not permitted near pedestrian door ways
    • Bicycles are not permitted in the Indoor Arenas or any stable block. Approved helmets must be worn at all times.
    • Bicycles are not permitted near doors designated as public entrances or exits
    • Motor Cyclist riders must wear approved safety helmets and hold the appropriate licence
    • Speed limits must be adhered to at all times, the speed limit at WPNEC is 10km p/h
    • Power leads must not be on the ground or over roadways
    • Construction of portable/tape yards is prohibited
    • Alcohol must not be consumed in the Indoor Arenas, unless purchased from the licensed bar located in Indoor Arena No 1
    • Please observe all signs at the venue
    • Horses must be tied in a safe manner.  Horses must not be tied to unattached floats, wheelie bins etc.
    • No infrastructure to be erected on WPNEC Grounds without written approval by management prior to event.
    • Entry and Exit doors to Indoor Arenas are not be obstructed at any time


    These conditions apply unless the Manager or the Committee of Management has given

    the discipline/event/activity concerned an exemption.




    • If staying on site you must book and pay for a camping site
    • Sites will be allocated by number.
    • You must only occupy your own site: Powered site for $20 per night - Non powered is $10 per night
    • Day Visitors will be parking in K Road parking area and will have no access to the camping area
    • CARAVANS may be hired from Eastern Caravans, Phone 0400 679 744



    Accommodation cannot be arranged, but the following are suggested:

    The Mansion Hotel                             Werribee Park                                    Phone 03 9731 4000

    Quest Werribee                                 69 Synnot St Werribee                      Phone 03 8744 6000

    Quest Sanctuary Lakes                       9 Greg Norman Drive Point Cook    Phone 03 9394 2100

    Quality Suites Seasons 5                     454 Point Cook Rd, Point Cook        Phone 03 8376 5300  

    Werribee Park Motor Inn                  112 Duncans Road Werribee            Phone 03 9741 7222

    Comfort Inn and Suites                      6 Tower Road Werribee                   Phone 03 9741 9944

    Carter Cottages                                  1 College Road Werribee                  Phone 0424 867 259



    Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre Committee of Management considers it a privilege that you are allowed to bring your dog to this venue. We insist you keep your dog under effective control at all times. No dogs in indoor arenas at any time.



    Catering will be available.



    The event office will be open from 2 p.m. Tuesday  5th December .  Times for collection of rider bags will be advised closer to the event



    • Free entry into the Indoor at all times.
    • All competitors will receive a complimentary copy of the official program. 
  • Ms Sue Taylor


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